About this online-lecture

This three-part online-lecture introduces to the field of biogas production and upgrading. Prof. Dr. Frank Scholwin, honorary professor at the University of Rostock, will also discuss the role of biogas as an energy carrier – it’s current status as well as it’s future potential.

What you will learn

After you have completed this course, you will have gained an overview of different methods of producing and upgrading biogas, that can be added to the natural gas grid. You will also be able to assess the potential of biogas as part of the ernergy system.

Taught by


Hon.-Prof. Dr. Frank Scholwin
honorary professor at the University of Rostock



Materials three online-lectures à 9-12 minutes
Type of course online-lecture, free of charge, flexible time frame


  • Lecture 1: Biogas production
  • Lecture 2: Biogas upgrading
  • Lecture 3: Biogas in the energy system – today and tomorrow

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